Basic services

3d Scan

3D scans

The 3D scan serves as the basis for data that can be reused in a range of applications. The basic services enables the creation of 360° and 3D tours in web-based applications. We offer additional services to support many other ways of reusing the information. There are two levels of quality available when scanning.

360 View

High-precision scan

A professional high-end camera is used to produce a scan with an accuracy of +/-2mm. This camera can scan both interior and exterior spaces and provides high-precision data to allow the creation of detailed plans (floor plans, cross-sections, elevations) as well as 3D data models for reuse in various applications such as VR/AR solutions, or for preparation for CNC or 3D printing production.


Standard scan

A simpler and more affordable scan option, exclusively for indoor spaces, with an accuracy of +/-2cm. The data can be used to produce 2D or 3D floor plans or 3D models for simple applications.


3D/360° tour

We automatically create a 3D sample tour for viewing on the web. You can easily adapt this for your own needs and customise it with a range of options for creating your own interactive tours, simple screenshots, or even taking measurements in the 3D tour.

Body Scan

Interactive virtual tour

Add important information for customers to your 360° and 3D tour. This service is easy to create and maintain and can be done by you.


Measurements and screenshots

You can use your 3D scan to calculate various measurements at any time, and produce high-resolution still images.

Virtual Reality

Web-based VR tour

Our basic service also allows our 3D scans to be explored online using a simple set of VR goggles. These simple VR tours are particularly suitable for marketing measures with customer giveaways (e.g. Mr. Cardboard, Google, etc.).

Vr Glasses

VR (Virtual Reality)

VR is an environment that is entirely constructed in the computer and can then be explored using a professional VR headset to achieve a very realistic impression of the built object. It is so realistic that users may even experience vertigo when exploring a balcony, for example! The VR environment can be used to produce many other products such as renders, sales plans, 2D films or web-based VR.

Augmented Reality

AR (Augmented Reality)

This is combination of 3D scanned materials and VR. It enables scanned objects to be placed in a virtual environment.