Additional services

3d Television

2D and 3D video

We use your data to produce 2D and 3D video (or footage) for presentations, exhibitions and the web.

House Plan Scale

2D and 3D plans

Professional sales and rental brochures with plans including furniture provide a perfect complement to your marketing.


Technical 2D plans

The scan data produced by the Leica camera can be used to produce high-precision plans such as floor plans, cross-sections and elevations for further processing in all common CAD and CNC software applications. Ideal for planners, architects and joiners.

3d House


We produce additional rendered images for brochures and websites from your VR project.


Drone footage

We produce professional high-resolution 360° drone footage as the basis for VR/AR projects and to enhance your marketing.


Professional photography

Additional undistorted architectural images for your marketing, created and processed using professional equipment.

Yawave Logo

Marketing optimisation

Yawave will not only help you extend the reach of your 3D project, it will also allow you to activate, maintain and manage your contacts in the long term. We increase the attention and conversion rate with targeted marketing through a variety of channels. Measure customer satisfaction, track activities and offer appropriate incentives to your contacts.

3d Printing

Further 3D applications

Use your 3D scan to print, cast or mill models. For use as working models, giveaways for customers or just for fun.


Promotional gifts

Help your customers enjoy their own VR experience with a custom-printed VR goggles (e.g. Mr. Cardboard from Google, etc.). They are guaranteed to remember your brand and your 3D marketing will raise even more awareness.

Vr Glasses 1

VR hardware

Our partners can support your VR/AR projects with appropriate hardware and services.


File formats

We can help you prepare data in a range of formats for 3D scans (.xyz, .e57, .obj), 2D/3D plans (.pdf, .jpg), 2D technical drawings (.dxf, .dwg), images (.jpg, .gif, .tif), video (.mp4) and 3D models (.xyz, .e57, .obj).


Web design / graphic design

We can support you with additional marketing services for your 3D scans. Whether web design or graphic design work such as logos and brochures, we cater for all your needs from a single source.