Instructions for using the VR goggles

Four steps to your VR experience!

1. Fold your VR goggles according to the instructions below:

2. Install the Matterport app on your smartphone. You can do this by scanning the QR code below or search for “VR Matterport” in the App Store and install and open the app.

3. Scan the QR code for the project you wish to view (on our website or in the documents supplied by your partner who provided the VR goggles). You may also have received a link by email, which you can click on to access the project.

4. Insert your smartphone into the VR goggles. You can navigate the app easily by using the two-colour grey-outlined dot to look at an icon for a while (e.g. an eye, a text or simply a blue dot allowing you to move around the VR space).

Navigation aids:
You can navigate the VR environment even more easily using the following techniques:

  • Look down to reveal a floor plan. Look at this to open a doll’s house view in which you can select the floor and room that you wish to enter.
  • Use the icon to view other scans (sample properties). Simply look at the desired object (eye in the image) and then confirm the object by looking for a while at the Download icon.