Guide to 3D scanning

First steps to 3D scanning

Once you have created your login using your invitation email, you can start the process. First select the desired 3D scan.

On the left you will find a menu comprising automatically generated images and tours. You can also buy schematic floor plans and 3D data here (this is raw data that has not been prepared by us).

The two buttons “Share” and “Publish” are at the top right.

The “Share” button allows you to create links for sending, embedding or viewing the scan with a VR device (note, the “Space is Public” button must be enabled and the lock icon must be open). Custom-designed VR goggles will impress your customers, giving your project even more attention.

You can make your changes available online using the “Publish” button – remember to click “Publish” whenever you make modifications.

The “3D Showcase” button is located at the top left. Set “Enable latest version” to “Off” there so that the “Workshop” button appears on the right. The Workshop screen allows you to make a range of adjustments.

The project is first reloaded, and a menu containing various options appears on the left. This working mode allows you to create tours or images, set the starting point for your tour and even measure dimensions.

Various functions can be enabled and disabled, and one of the most important features, “Mattertags”, can be placed in your model. Mattertags let you transform the 3D scan into an interactive environment, making it attractive and interesting for your target audience. They are basically links to web content that can be accessed when the tags are activated. They let the user access videos, images, documents and web pages, etc., located on your own website or hosted by an external service such as YouTube. For simple applications, especially if you do not have your own website, we recommend you use a content sharing platform such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or MediaFire to host external data.

Again, do not forget to click “Publish” once you have inserted these tags so that your changes are visible to users.

Further instructions can be found here (

We hope you enjoy using your new 3D scan!