Marketing for yachts

3D tours and more for sales and chartering

Give your charter customers or buyers a professional view of the yacht before concluding the deal by augmenting a virtual 360° and 3D tour with key information. We carry out a high resolution scan of the inside and outside of the yacht using our high-end Leica camera. The 3D data allows you to create your own tours or high-resolution still images yourself with ease. You can also take measurements from the 3D model and thus avoid unnecessary site visits. In addition, 2D and 3D plans, drone footage and professional photography can be provided to give you a perfect marketing tool. The scanned 3D model can also be integrated into AR (augmented reality) environments or used as a data cloud for further 3D applications. As a result, you can cast, print or mill your own models, or incorporate your yacht in a professionally created VR environment. If you wish, we can use Yawave to increase the attention and conversion rate with targeted marketing through a variety of channels. We can also increase the scope of your rental and sales activities, as well as activate, maintain and manage your contacts for the long term. You can even give away custom-designed VR goggles to your customers to give your 3D marketing the attention it deserves.

Interior scans, enhanced by 360° exterior footage (simple quality)
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