Marketing for real estate projects

VR projects for sales and rental

If your property still only exists on paper, we create VR (virtual reality) models of the project to allow you to market it online with a highly realistic VR tour before a brick is even laid (VR station required). A professional VR station provides users with a realistic impression of space, allowing them to move freely around the building. An additional configuration tool allows you to change items such as floor coverings in a matter of seconds, or simulate different lighting moods. Your designers will be advised by one of our specialist architects who can produce a perfect VR project from your draft plans. The VR project can also be used to generate 3D and 2D videos, 3D or 2D sales plans and high-resolution rendered images. Your very own VR station will be supplied and installed by our partners, achieving maximum customer interest in your showroom or at exhibitions. Working with our partner Yawave you will also increase the range, longevity and activation of new contacts for your VR project. Yawave even allows you to activate, maintain and manage existing contacts for the long term. You can even give away custom-designed VR goggles to your customers to give your 3D marketing the attention it deserves.

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