Marketing for hotels and tourism

Interactive virtual 3D tours for websites

Show off your hotel in the best light! With a professional 360° and 3D tour or VR tour on your website or at your exhibition stand, your customers can look around your hotel before they arrive. Use the opportunity to tell them about services such as spa treatments, the lunch menu, promotions or other activities. You can adapt and edit this information easily yourself. Your 3D model also allows you to easily create your own tours and high-resolution still images, reusing these for your marketing campaigns. In addition, we can provide decorative 2D and 3D floor plans, drone footage and professional photography to enhance your presentation. 3D scans can be made of both internal and external spaces, allowing you to present your stylish interior as well as beautifully maintained gardens and impressive driveway. We strengthen the impact of your innovative presentation using the revolutionary Yawave marketing software, increasing awareness. Yawave also helps you activate, motivate and manage your existing contacts to generate the maximum benefit from your data. In addition, you can measure and evaluate visitor satisfaction and use competitions and vouchers, etc. to incentivise satisfied customers to recommend you to new guests. By giving away customised VR goggles to customers you can encourage them and their friends to visit your website and further increase interest in your brand.

Interior scans, enhanced by 360° exterior footage (simple quality)
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